Goodwill & Fellowship

The Ontario Provincial Police Veterans' Association (OPPVA), was formed by Letters Patent on June 6, 1969. In 1970, the first Executive Board was chosen at the inaugural meeting in Toronto.

Elmer Hoath was named president, Alan Williams vice president, James Stanton secretary, and George Halliday treasurer. The directors were David L. Mitchell, Charles Wood, Alexander MacLeod, John Clark and Clarence Parmenter.

The original three Chapters totaling 150 members, formed in Kenora, London and Niagara Falls, have grown to 23 Chapters with 1,800 plus members.

The original signators were: David Mitchell, Syl Napolitano, Ross Ball, James Stanton, Alan Williams, Stewart Foster, Robert Adams, Arthur Hope, George Halliday and Arthur Laing.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the foresight and dedication of these members. It is our objective to maintain and foster the goodwill and fellowship they envisioned and continues to grow.


As set out in the Letters Patent dated June 6, 1969:

A. To promote the best interests of Ontario and Canada;

B. To be of service to the Ontario government;

C. To cooperate with and render assistance to the Ontario Provincial Police in all matters of concern;

D. To promote the social, physical and economic welfare of former members and the auxiliary.

Our efforts are supported and reinforced by the OPP, OPP Association, OPP Commissioned Officers Association and the OPP Auxiliary. All retired OPP members are life members of the OPPA.

Surviving spouse and dependents also receive the attention of the OPPA and OPPVA.

In our retirement,these Association serve as an extension of the Force, wether it be in safeguarding our pensions and various benefits or maintaining friendships and communications within the police family.


There are four categories of membership that can be granted by resolution:



Life Member


Regular and Associate members are required to pay minimal annual dues.


Our coming together is based on fellowship and the maintenance of friendships developed during our years of service. Chapters meet at various times during the year and families participate in a variety of social events.

Some Chapters are involved in fund raising for children's health programs and other charities. The health and welfare of our members and their families is a primary concern - you are not forgotten.

Wherever you are in Ontario, you have an OPP Veterans' Association Chapter near you.

Chapters across the province with members and growing.

1 Chatham
2 London
3 Burlington
3 Simcoe-Brantford
4 Niagara
5 Toronto
6 Guelph
6 Huron Perth
6 Mount Forest
8 Peterborough
9 Belleville
9 Kingston
10 Pembroke
10 Smiths Falls
11 Ottawa
11 Hawkesbury
11 Cornwall
12 North Bay
13 Sudbury
14 Sault Ste. Marie
15 Timmins
16 Thunder Bay
17 Kenora
18 Orillia

Those living outside the province can also join.

Enjoy the fellowship and renew friendships while participating in various social activities.

You don't have to be RETIRED to join the OPP Veterans' Association.

Whose Eligible

  • - Active Members
  • - Retired Members
  • - Auxiliary Members
  • - Civilian OPP employees (Managers, secretaries, communication operators, mechanics, caretakers etc.)
  • - Former OPP members
  • - Special Constables
  • - Offender Transport Members
  • - STOP Program Members.
  • - Aboriginal Police Services Members
  • - Members from the Fire Marshal's office, CN or CPR Police or from other forces without a Retired Police Officers Association or who no longer reside in their force location
  • - Person who has been associated with police work for at least five years and would be an asset to the local Chapter

Personal Information

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